Winter.. Like it or loathe it, if you’re currently living in the southern hemisphere, you’re in the middle of it right about now. Winter and I have a a tenuous relationship. There are days when I love the cold weather. My head is filled with images of gorgeous leather boots and snuggly scarves, red wine and a burning fire, the kind of stuff I think I saw in the Donna Hay ‘Seasons’ cook book and have somehow appropriated into actual happenings in my actual life. That romanticised vision aside, I do enjoy rugging up and flicking the switch on my electric blanket of an evening.

Then there are days, like yesterday, when winter makes me want to stamp my foot and let loose with a string of words not commonly seen this side of a mechanics workshop. These days usually indicate that I’ve been wet, cold and generally miserable for at least part of the hours I’ve been awake. And as I really, really dislike being cold, wet and miserable, I usually feel it is totally fine to take my frustration out on the season itself.

But yesterday was yesterday and today is today and I’m trying to embrace the chilly nights and morning fog. They say positivity begets positivity, or something like that so I’m jumping right in and giving winter the big thumbs up, or at least I’m giving these ten parts of the season a virtual high five.

1. Kids in gumboots – There is nothing cuter, NOTHING I tell you.









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2. Scarves – I love a good scarf. Wear one in summer and you will look like a ridiculous fool. Winter is made for a neck warmer and I take advantage of that fact whenever I can.


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3. Hot drinks – I personally think coffee just tastes better when it’s cold. I thought the same of hot chocolate (when I drank it). There’s something about wrapping your hands around a steaming mug when it’s cold outside that is just so soothing!


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4. Slow cooked meals – I’ve shared my love for my slow cooker MANY times before (HERE, HERE and HERE for example). Yes, you can use the slow cooker in summer but really, who’d want to? The cold weather brings cravings for stews and curry. I’m more a meat and salad gal in summer.

organic chicken stock

5. Onesies – I love my onesie. My husband, not so much. But seriously, it keeps me so warm (so warm) and as a chronic ‘sleep wriggler’ it means my tummy stays covered all night long. It’s genius really.

I do not own this onesie.. I wish I did

I’d love to hear what you love about winter! Share in the comments below.

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