Last week, I wrote a lil’ post about (one) of the loves of my life.. Rosehip Oil. I waxed lyrical about the joy this product brings to my life, how it has single handedly cured me of a myriad of ills, all while putting on the kettle and giving me a foot rub. Clearly, I overstate things a little (bottles are RUBBISH at manipulating toe joints properly) BUT the usefulness and effectiveness of this product is one thing I’m completely serious about.

I got to thinking after publishing my Rosehip lovin’ diatribe last week that perhaps I should go a little further and share a few more products I love. This was prompted in part after a lovely friend (Hi Chriss), emailed me to ask for my top 5 beauty product recommendations which REALLY got me thinking. Whittling down a whole bunch of stuff that I worship is hard work so I may as well share the fruits of my whittling with you.

Because I don’t want to swamp you with too much knowledge on a Tuesday morning, I’ve decided to break things up into four categories with 5 prodz per category. This means you have plenty of time to go forth and purchase some new faves before the next list pops up (and hopefully it’ll keep you coming back to read more of my ever witty, always helpful prose.)

Before I go any further, I should lay out some of the ground rules. Each product I feature is something that I have personally used AND loved over an extended period of time. There isn’t anything brand spankin’ new on the list as this is about those bottles and tubes that have become fixtures in my bathroom cupboards. This is the stuff I pack when I go away, use of a daily basis and recommend to my nearest and dearest.

So let’s get cracking and start at the top with our faces. Clearly I discussed three little beauties last week here but as they all fall into the same kind of category (rosehips) I’ll only be including ONE in the mix. Yes, my heart is weeping for those that miss out but it’s a cut throat world out there and I’m being cruel to be kind.

The Top 5 Skincare Prodz I Live By..
  1. Antipodes Divine Face Oil Organic Avocado and Rosehip Oil, $36.00
    I wrote about this guy last week and don’t have much to add that I haven’t already said apart from the fact that this really is a divine, DIVINE product that I use every single morning and night.
  2. Planet Eve Certified Organic Cleansing Oil, $49.01
    I’ve written about my love of facial cleansing oils before HERE and nothing has really changed. People, especially those with oilier skin types, are notoriously afraid of putting anything remotely resembling oil in the vicinity of their face but to this I say, give it a go! The right kind of cleansing oil has the AMAZING ability to draw impurities out of your skin like nobodies business. This is because those clever oil particles bind with the nasties (makeup, dirt, grease, the chicken roll you ate at lunchtime). When it comes time to rinse, you not only wash away the cleanser but all the yucky stuff attached to it. I find this especially good after a day at work in the city. I also find that using a (clean) muslin or flannel rinsed in warm water to be the best way to remove oil based cleansers (you also get a nice deep clean at the same time).
  3. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, $46.20
    Taking a little break from all things organic, we’ve got the cult product beloved by pretty much every single beauty editor in the history of the world. If you’ve never come across this guy, he comes in a white tube with red writing and is a pale orange/cream shade. Thick in consistency but still kinda ‘light’ you pop him onto clean skin for an instant lift. I was sceptical of the hype and resisted investing for a good few years. Turns out, the hype is warranted. Whatever those clever Clarins people use, they’ve managed to create a product that just makes your skin ‘look’ better as soon as it’s applied. I use it every morning after a shower either on its own or under my BB/tinted moisturiser.
  4. Dr Lewinns Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF 30+, $49,95
    I’ve banged on about this little lady many times (HERE and HERE for example) but as this is a round up of the BEST EVER PRODUCTS I can’t go without mentioning it. I’ve recently been tempted into the world of the BB cream (Garnier and Chi Chi are my picks.. love em both) but I’ll never stop loving my DL tinty. As a fair skinned lass, it’s the perfect shade for my skin tone, offers 30+ protection (a complete essential for my ‘burns in the moon’ skin) and a light, dewy coverage which I can’t fault. I am a very light coverage gal myself and those who prefer more coverage might need something a little more dense but for me personally, this ticks all the boxes (and you can get it at Coles and Priceline.. score!)
  5. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, $38 (approx price)
    It still stuns me when I learn that there are people walking amongst us who have never used or even heard of this miracle balm (umm Elicia and Mary Kate, raise your hands). Where to begin? I use eight hour cream on everything. Lips, cuticles, cuts, grazes, hell, I’ve used it on nappy rash and as a face mask while flying. Amber in colour and almost honey like in consistency, there’s a reason this little tube or pot of goodness has been released in limited edition packaging.. It’s a complete icon.

Honorable mentions: The whittling process was haaaaard. I feel like I’ve neglected so many amaze prodz that I couldn’t bear to leave them out all together. Here’s the best of the rest.
Antipodes Reincarnation Pure Facial Exfoliator, $47.50, SkinVitals C-Brighten Facial Masks, $9.99 (pack of three), The Jojoba Company Intense Overnight Renewal Cream, $52.95

Don’t forget to tune in next week for the TOP 5 Prodz For Your Bod!

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4 Comments on The Best 20 Beauty Prodz In The Biz

  1. sassandspice
    June 2, 2013 at 11:25 pm (5 years ago)

    I love the 8hr cream too, just a wonderful product for winter and long flights.

    • naomicot
      June 3, 2013 at 5:32 pm (5 years ago)

      It’s the best isn’t it?! I can’t live without it!


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